Compare Washington, D.C. Electric Rates and Lower Your Bill!

Need a good reason to switch suppliers? Washington D.C. residents can choose your electricity and natural gas suppliers. Save up to 37% on your DC energy bills. Join the millions of Americans who have already switched. After switching electricity and natural gas suppliers, the only difference you’ll notice will be a huge savings on your bill!

Consumers and businesses in Washington, D.C. used to have only one option for electricity – The Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO). However, in 1999, the District of Columbia City Council passed the Electricity Competition Act, opening up the city’s electricity market, in hopes of making electricity less expensive.

The legislation required that by January 1, 2001 retail choice would begin for commercial, government, and settlement customers and would begin as a pilot program for residential customers.

As result, customers in the District of Columbia now are free to choose a supplier of generation and transmission (G&T) services other than PEPCO. The law allows consumers to choose their electricity supplier, also known as the “generator”.

There are now multiple generators who compete to offer the best possible electricity price and service offerings to consumers, while PEPCO delivers the energy. However, should a customer choose to stay with PEPCO the company will continue to provide G&T services under the Standard Offer Service.

Energy choice is at your fingertips in Washington, D.C., so it’s good to learn how you received that choice so you can be an informed consumer. Read more about deregulation in DC below: